Grammy nominated artist out of Singapore, Arun Shenoy has teamed up with The Groove Project for the first time to drop an amazing new concept album entitled ‘A Stagey Bank Affair’. The album released by Narked Records is hard to label down as any one genre as it takes notes from a wide array to create a completely unique sound. They call this sound the Bansuri Funk Sound, a fusion of Funk, Jazz and Rock with a variety of other flavors from around the world throughout. This is the first follow up to Arun’s Grammy nominated debut ‘Rumbadoodle’.

This new instrumental concept album is a real work of art throughout. Not just the music itself, but the artful way it’s packaged together too. Similar to the good ol’ days of vinyl albums packed with brilliant artwork throughout, this album comes as a 6-fold digipak with two colorful 24-page booklets of art and liners notes about the inspiration leading to this truly unique concept album.
The original inspiration for this album is the phrase coming from England “a house like a stagey bank affair”. ‘A Stagey Bank Affair’ is a metaphor for life, how childhood was all fun and games and the older you get the messier it can become. The metaphor and concept literally coming from the reference of a fun fair back around 1900, at Stagshaw Bank in England, that ended up becoming a real mess, leading to the common phrase, and luckily for us now this beautiful album.

The music and art of this album is meant to conceptualize the wonderland that we all live through, the sadness and chaos, the ups and downs. The theme of a sad clown, an inherent oxymoron, is represented throughout as well, perfectly symbolizing the overall creation of this album.
Learn more on the album ‘A Stagey Bank Affair’ here >>

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