I had a notable Evanescence phase during my years of teen angst and introspection. In the song “Bring Me To Life,” I remember being captivated by Amy Lee’s soaring vocals leaping through the landscape crafted by her brooding piano and Ben Moody’s metal-esque guitar playing. Safe to say, when I first heard Jennifer Hope’s take on this old favorite of mine, I was thoroughly delighted.
The greatest strength of this track is Jennifer’s ability to capture the dark, haunting mood of the original while allowing her own unique creativity and taste to shine through. The piano in the original is replaced with a spellbinding synth, which combined with the chugging guitar power chords and cavernous drums, creates a frighteningly beautiful atmosphere and depth to the song. Jennifer’s silky voice and crystal clear harmonies illuminate a path that slowly but confidently winds through the murky environment conjured up by the instrumentation. Jennifer Hope’s version of “Bring Me To Life” instills a sense of foreboding, but also creates a nuanced and beautiful journey for the listener.
I’m always pleased to hear an interesting new interpretation of a classic song, and after listening to Jennifer’s cover, my love for alternative gothic rock has been brought back to life. Now, I just want Jennifer Hope to bring me more great music. I’m looking forward to what she has to offer.

Review written by MuzicNotez writer Michael LaBella
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