Not only are they from my own stomping grounds, they’re living right around the corner! A best kept secret if you ask me, ’cause when you peep their debut single ‘Breathe‘, it will leave you breathless!
It’s soothing, smooth and a fresh breath of Dutch musical air and I can’t wait for their album to drop! And since they live in my neighbourhood, lets see if I can talk ‘m into doing a little ‘Wednesday Q&A’ in the near future with me, ’cause I’m damn proud to be loud with, Romi Cage!

Check in with Romi Cage on:
Twitter: @RomiCage
Instagram: @RomiCage
Facebook: facebook.com/RomiCage
Website: romicage.com
iTunes: Romi Cage’s single ‘Breathe’
This was presented by The Dutch Guy

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