When you’re a new band, you wanna make sure your first impression is a everlasting one and dayum, Mama Roux did just that when they sent me a digital promo copy of their debut EP!
Their jazzy vibes on top of these funky blues grooves, what’s not to dig! Hell, when I was peeping their EP, I just grabbed a fine cigar, some whiskey and sat back in my backyard when the darkness was kicking in and the hot summer day was cooling down.
Starting with the smooth keys and sexy horn, these cool cats quickly build up the musical tension with their debut single ‘The Storm‘, and when the soulful vocals kick in?! Pure bliss! And they’re bringing some old school flavour by releasing this puppy on wax. So grab a copy and I’ll bet they’ll sign it too!

Check in with Mama Roux on:
Twitter: @MamaRouxBand
Facebook: facebook.com/MamaRouxBand
Website: mamaroux.net
Wax: Mama Roux’s EP ‘Mama Roux’
This was presented by The Dutch Guy

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