Chords of Truth is an acoustic multi-genre folk group fronted by Jason Garriotte. His original acoustic EP ‘Reflections of Reality‘ features 7 inspiration folk songs. He collaborated with 14 producers to create 57 electronic remixes spanning various genres such as Dubstep, House, Trance, Electrofolk, Progressive, Folktronica, Hip Hop and more!
The latest release is entitled ‘Moon Time’. He received inspiration for this title track and album when he was awoken in the middle of the night with the phrase “Moon Time” in his head. This came after watching a documentary on electronic music gatherings combined with knowing how important the moon is to our life on Earth. ‘Moon Time’ is set to be officially released on May 5th, however its already available on Soundcloud to check out now. The track features folky acoustic strumming combined with vocals and harmonies that remind me of classic artists such as Cat Stevens and John Denver. ‘Moon Time’ is extremely catchy and delivers a great message. Be sure to grab the single when it’s released in May from ChordsofTruth.com!
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