Alpha over India is an alternative rock band based out of Kingsport, Tennesee. The band name was inspired by the founder, Simeon’s, late grandfather Wynston’s painting.
Learn more about the story behind the name at the website here >>
The family ties continue throughout the musical releases. The first 3 singles released are all inspired by his family. The first of these is entitled ‘One Last Chance’ and starts out with his daughters’ heartbeat. The second release ‘Blue Skies’ was written for his son Judah, who now is actually a featured singer in the track. Third, T.G.I.F.Y. (Thank God I Found You) is dedicated to his wife. The song was actually written before he found her, but was about the woman he hopes to meet. When he finally found her, she surpassed his wildest dreams.
Alpha over India’s music is created in ‘The Sound Asylum’. Simeon (Alpha Over India) and his friend Troy the studio engineer are currently tracking the ‘Change your World’ album together. Currently they just started working on the next track. We’re really looking forward to the full album’s release, and you can be sure to see it here so stay tuned!
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