The above track, ‘Trick of the Light’, is the opening song from the new, and third album from excellent singer-songwriter Alexander Wolfe. The UK artist has been on the scene for many years, first turning heads with his debut album a number of years ago.
Now, the versatile troubadour is back with a genre spanning release which takes on many of life’s big subjects and experiences, each coloured differently in a style that’s hard to categorise. Wolfe is perhaps strongest working in the folk genre (as above), but it’s difficult to say seeing as the album takes in poppier numbers and straight up indie at times.
But although the songs vary in style, they don’t vary in strength. Each song has its moments, and each improves with each listen. It’s a third album, which has given Wolfe plenty of time to mature into his songwriting style. Perhaps that’s why he’s so comfortable across the board?
This is the work of an artist who has taken the time to learn his craft improve. The album, ‘From the Shallows’, is out now.

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