Ashley Williams wears many hats. He is the founder/director of the ‘William Joseph international Academy for Performing Arts’, chairman of the ‘William Joseph Music Foundation’, director/conductor of the 100 year old ‘Bangalore Music Association’ and founder/director/conductor of the ‘Indian National Symphony Orchestra’.

His latest release is the official music video for the single ‘Destiny Muted’. The entire video and song was done live. ‘Destiny Muted’ is dedicated to 2 people who have been an inspiration in Ashley Williams life and musical journey, his late father the Maestro J.T. Williams Joseph and Dr. Francisco F Feliciano whom was his professor in multiple facets of music.
As Dr. Ashley Williams describes, ‘Destiny Muted’ is a three pronged composition based on life’s experiences. The highs and lows faced by the musician and artiste in today’s world. The beautiful tone of the Sitar and its haunting melodies are like the beauty of nature. Picking up the Sitar after almost 27 years has taught Ashley to understand the color of tonality better and when combined with the ancient and modern the east and west, the music encompasses the beauty and fury of nature.
The composition uses the idiom of Classical Music interspersed with very subtle trance and techno rhythms, which combines these three distinct features, but is a fusion of thoughts but not fusion music. The use of the techno keyboards is something that has always baffled me as a musician, so simple yet so intense in nature. The enthralling sound of the grand piano brings out the natural beauty of music and gives the composition a very earthy feel.
The Protagonist of this piece seeks inner peace, possibly asking so many questions of life and still on a search to find a deeper purpose using a creative medium in music which so easily touches on his vulnerability and speaks a language which communicates the depth of his heart and soul.
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