Korveil is a singer, songwriter, and record producer from Chicago, Illinois. He is well known for his behind the scenes work as a recording studio engineer, background/hook vocalist, and his sought after photography skills. He has also managed and guided the careers of many local dance music artist.
Korveil’s music is a blend of old school Chicago House with today’s current EDM sounds. He elaborates, “as a singer I want my records to be vocal driven and not overshadowed by the beat”. In fact, he used the abbreviation for “vocals” which is “vox” into naming his imprint VOXO Music Group.

Korveil’s multifaceted behind the scenes work stretches from Ramsey Lewis, Lupe Fiasco, Bruno Mars, B.O.B, Iyaz, David Rush, The Cataracs, Havana Brown, Mia Martina, Cobra Starship, to many more. His music has been televised on America’s Best Dance Crews, So You Think You Can Dance, and 90210.
In 2014, Korveil decided to take his talents to the west coast. Feeling like he had a new start, that is where he was inspired to create the record “Feeling Alive”, noting lyrics “I got a second chance at life”. Initially, the song was in negotiation to be recorded by a major pop artist, but days before finalizing the deal, he received bad news that two of his friends had been killed in Chicago. Korveil says, “immediately I heard the words to the song speaking to me, and I felt I had to sing this one”.
The “Feeling Alive” music video is an anti-depressant. It is a fun collection of footage showcasing dancers, musicians, and random people from the streets of Los Angeles, and Chicago. The EDM energy of the track puts you in a good mood, the video makes you smile, and by the end of the song you will be singing along.
Due to the momentum from “Feeling Alive”, Korveil decided to remain in the forefront, with plans to release a string of dance records in 2015. “Everything” releasing in February, “Who You Are” in April, and an EP in the summer. He say’s, “all of these records have fun energy and inspirational lyrics”. He’s also in the studio writing and producing songs for other artists.
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