If you could pick one word to describe new Electronic and Dance Music group PRIZM, it would have to be “Energy”. Starting out as three young lads from South London, each have got their sights set on one goal for their futures: music.
PRIZM are an Electronic Dance Music DJ & Production group from South London, UK. The group formed in January 2014, after knowing each other for numerous years before that, meeting in college and in secondary school. All originally set out on different paths, the idea came about when converging on the world of music, and each individual’s future prospects. Many colleagues were setting out to take on the world of Hip Hop and Rap music, to which Kaanivore and Hitman saw a gap in the market, and had a real talent to produce Electronic Dance music. Soon enough, Jordan, through close friend Kaanivore, was added to the group it set out on what will be a difficult, but hopefully a successful path.

From their current work so far, you can tell that the next stage to fame is just around the corner. With the huge EDM floor fillers such as Supernova and Alive, to a more pop enthused Party Animal and Colours, PRIZM are no doubt delving into every conceivable area of Electronic Dance, and you would never dream of these tracks being started from scratch.
They are inspired by a number of artists, upon which they mould their productions around, but like every successful artist, PRIZM has its own entity and with their music they want to let you feel a passion for dance music, and become inspired to go out and achieve your dreams.
As well as music production, the PRIZM boys have an array of experience behind the DJ decks. Before and after forming, experience was brought to the table through wedding and party deejaying, to combining for the Mile End DJ Festival, hosted by the Sound of DJ’s group. Around every corner there is an opportunity, PRIZM see their target and they go to achieve it.
Just from seeing the grin on their faces, you can tell that the path to success will be a short distance away. They appreciate anybody who is a fan of their music to support them and their goal.
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