The highly anticipated EP from rock trio Witching Season is on its way. ‘Codeine’ is the lead single for the band’s soon to be released EP and is available now.
EP to follow the 10th of November.
New track ‘Codeine’ showcases the bands rocking talent and is true to their dark rock sound. The band boasts a wealth of rocking talent that is beautifully demonstrated in their latest track. True to the bands native rock sound, ‘Codeine’ features heavy and impressive guitar riffs teamed with fierce drum beats all stitched together with Reynolds coarse and captivating vocals.

The band claim to draw influences from the likes of rock legends, Alice in Chains, Soundgarden, Pearl Jam, The Doors, Queens of the Stoneage and Dinosaur Jr; all of which shines through in their music.
The band have been making a lasting impression across the rock scene and have received a host of plays on radio stations nationwide. Team Rock are just one example of a rockin’ review the bands has received in recent months.
Catch it here: www.teamrock.com/features/2014-09-30/introducing-witchingseason
Phoenix FM host, Scott Sparx, commented that he was, “Blown away by their music!… and couldn’t wait to share them”.
The bands perseverance has certainly paid off as we eagerly await the new EP due for release November 10th.
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