Solveig and Stevie’s second CD together, ‘Fire and Other Playthings’, opens with a cover of Jimi Hendrix’s ‘Fire’; the fiery theme evident throughout the whole album. Solveig Whittle is the lead vocals, lyricist, and handles the business end of the duo. Stevie Adamek is the other half of this couple, manning the music and production. Together, Solveig and Stevie bring a collection of pop/rock music infused with their touch of soul and folk-like rhythm.

Expect chill vibes, provocative lyrics, and a new favorite duo! ‘Fire and Other Playthings’ definitely turns the heat up. The album starts off with a small flame, into a controllable bonfire, and finishing into an intertwining dance within its inferno. Solveig and Stevie’s ability to take lyrics and music to transform them into a melodic story are on the lines of spiritual. Let your mind escape with this album and you’ll find your body following suit.

Check out Solveig and Stevie’s video for ‘Light The Fire’! Overall, this duo has been a treat to listen to. Brings me back to my love for alternative, slash pop, slash rock, slash, slash, slash. Download ‘Fire and Other Playthings’ here on iTunes.

Review written by MuzicNotez writer Julet Lagto @JALMuzicNotez
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