Xander Demos Updates
Xander Demos Band To Open For Hard Rock Veterans Stryper >>
The Music Legends Interview (Part 2) >>
Xander Demos Returns To Heavy Metal Mayhem Show >>
Josey Milner Updates
Teams With ToonUps For New Virtual Facebook Game >>
Is Nominated For Two 2014 Midwest Music Awards >>
Joins Angels And Doves On Episode Of “Better Worldlians” >>
Jiggley Jones Updates
Jiggley Jones Guests On The Muse Cafe >>
Will Perform At Millennium Music Conference >>
Jiggley Jones: The “Got Interviews” Interview >>
Amy Rose Updates
Skope magazine Interview >>
Guests on real talk with Pheonix D >>
First Number One New Music Weekly Chart Single, “Sunshine” >>
Western Avenue Updates
Keith Robertson Guests On Warrior Rock Radio >>
Nikki From Western Avenue Enters The Muse Cafe >>
Tops New Music Chart With “Wherever You Are” >>
Doug Briney Updates
Doug Briney Guests On Muse Cafe Muse Cafe >>
Doug Briney Returns To Music On The Couch >>
Will Perform On KTBS TV Morning Show In Shreveport, LA >>
MuzicNotez Crew

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