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“We are MoneyPenny,” is a statement that each of us feel passionately about. It is our core and who we are. Music and entertaining our fans completes us. MoneyPenny has brought music back to where it belongs; its simplistic roots. What genre does our music fit in to? Some have called our music Rock, Punk, Punk-Rock, Skate-Punk, and even Pop-Punk, but whatever genre we belong to, it is loved by all. Timeless music is rare these days and is made with a few key ingredients that most often include a memorable melody, catchy guitar riff, or relatable lyrics which transcend the age barrier. Turn your music on, jump on your bed, rock out in front of your mirror, play that air guitar, kick back relaxing with your headphones on, or belt out your favorite song in the shower – do whatever it is that you do to immerse yourself in our musical dreamland. It’s going to be a big year for all of us in MoneyPenny, along with all of our fans. We are growing together, having new experiences, new stories to share, and exciting new travels internationally. Our new full-length album was released January 2014. The songs on this album are a personal expression of us, the journey we have been on while writing it, and how we have grown over the years. This album is MoneyPenny’s life in song form and we were inspired to create music that ALL can enjoy, no matter where you are in life. Our music has our heart and soul in it. It is something we are extremely excited to share with our fans. Without our fans we would be nothing and we love every single fan individually. When you see us at our next show, don’t be a stranger, we would love to meet you!
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