Henrietta’s love of all the 80’s music from soul, jazz, funk, pop and reggae and non stop partying inspired her to begin writing her own songs and has inspired her music ever since. In the late 90’s she joined a semi-professional jazz funk band called Khush as backing singer and sang at Ronnie Scott’s in Soho, to name one of her favourite venues in London. After the group disbanded she began to write songs and began recording them from 2003. Her love for dancing and having been a mainstream clubber for many years have also influenced the different genres of songs that she has composed. Her jazz fusion track, I Wanna Know, epitomises the genres of music she particularly likes and does take her back to the 80’s and 90’s with its retro sound.
Henrietta is also a children’s author of a series of books called Henratty Mortimer which inspired her to write her beautiful disney track called Come Fly With Me. Henrietta does not feel her music should be restricted to one genre as she loves songs from many genres and making music is limitless. She is currently focusing on some dance tracks but that could soon change to another disney track or even rock, as one of her goals is to write a rock song and do a few covers of some well known artists in this category, especially The Who and The Beatles.
Henrietta’s love for the theatre has also left its mark with a strong desire for her to do songs for a musical. She wants her music to invoke that feel good factor and be uplifting despite the lyrical tone and leave the listener wanting more…her songs are drawn mostly from her personal experiences, most of which many listeners would have experienced or can relate to.
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