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Canadian singer songwriter Fiona Noakes is a fresh face to Ottawa’s music scene. Fiona’s songs are a distinct style – a unique blend of alternating manic guitars and indie folk rhythms. Fiona’s lyrics catalogue an honest life of love, loss, and side trips. With a versatile background in acting and a voice to rival the likes of Bif Naked and Tegan and Sara, Fiona has grown from performing at small bars to opening for bands such as Hunter Valentine and performing for crowds of cheering fans.
Cliff Chamberlain joined Fiona in the band as lead guitarist and backup vocalist. Cliff’s experience playing for blues, rock and country bands provides the band with a diverse range in rock driven riffs that compliment Fiona’s high-energy performances.
Danae Tsikouras is the drummer and backup singer for the band. A master at her craft, Danae brings indispensable rhythm and rock beats to the group.
Benoit L’Ecuyer is the bassist and last edition to the Fiona Noakes Band. Also known as a musical chameleon Benoit is easily able to adapt to anything musically set before him.
They dare you to check out their next show!

Quick Q&A with the band

How did you all meet?
Fiona Noakes: In prison. No wait, that’s not right. Cliff, my guitarist, was my guitar teacher a few years ago. Danae, our drummer, I met through Cliff. Ben, our bassist, I met after he responded to an ad I posted. We all just really clicked together musically and as a group. We’re also friends which I think is very lucky and important.
Who were your musical influences, idols, or bands growing up that have helped mold you into the musician you are today? Or helped mold the music that you create?
Fiona Noakes: So many. Tegan and Sara, Metric, Emily Haines, Regina Spektor, The Pretty Reckless, KT Tunstall, Mother Mother
What’s the greatest concert you’ve ever been to or performed?
Fiona Noakes: Mother Mother was probably one of my most favourite concerts I’d been to. I just loved the energy on stage, the power of their vocal-driven songs and the awesome light show they had. Also, they have a very unique sound to them which I love. They do their own thing and that is refreshing.
The greatest concert I have ever performed…For me ever concert has had its special moment. What touches me the most is when there are complete strangers in the crowd who don’t owe you anything, but come up to you after a show and tell you how they enjoyed your music. That to me is pretty great…doesn’t matter how many people you are playing in front of…as long as we’ve moved one person with a song.
Working on anything new? What can we expect from you in the future?
Fiona Noakes: Great question. Always and forever (maybe:P). We are currently working on new material, as we will be going into the studio very soon (April). 7 new songs and re-recording electric versions of a couple older acoustic songs. I haven’t told the band yet, but I think the album art theme will be nautical, as some of the nautical sayings really reflect common themes you will hear on the album.
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