Since I could reach the keys I was fascinated with the piano. Realizing that music would always hold my interest, I studied Piano, Voice and Opera Theater under true masters of my art of study and have had an opportunistic life & career since those days. I began formal piano training at age 6, began teaching beginner students at age 12 and at age 15 wrote my first composition for piano. For 20 years I utilized my piano and voice training, teaching exceptional adults and children. I was affectionately hailed as ‘MR. B’. For 22 years I shared my talents of arranging standards as a fine-dining dinner pianist. Known for taking request; armed with my four fake books to find and play songs that had special meanings to dining patrons, I made thousands of people happy, bringing back good memories through music. In 2004 I suffered a rare adverse reaction to a prescribed heroin-based pain killer. My body and mind rejected the newly introduced drug and the reaction suddenly changed All aspects of my life. I have shared my personal story of survival/recovery in my website. I am now on a journey of recovery, sharing my talents with themed piano shows for residents of retirement communities & memory-care residences.

I have recently released the album of my dreams since childhood, titled ‘Pieces of Nature’ – Nature-Inspired Compositions for Piano – featuring nine of my unique works for solo piano. The new-release CD is available thru my website. I’d be honored should you find time to visit.
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