Since I don’t have a Wednesday Q&A ready for this week, I still wanted to keep the flow going by introducing you to this South African pearl I’ve been keeping an eyeball on for some time now!
While some might know Megan C as an International model or actress, I know her purely for her music. ‘Cause let me tell ya, sister got a killer set of pipes!
She just dropped her latest single and club banger ‘Tastes Like Candy‘ and my personal and humble opinion? We’ve seen & heard nothing yet! Megan C is on the verge to surprise us all in 2014 with her, and I quote, ‘big voice out of a skinny model‘…

Check in with Megan C on:
Twitter: @MeganCmusic
Facebook: facebook.com/MeganCmusic
This was presented by The Dutch Guy

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