I love me some Chess! Not the game, ’cause I really suck at it, but the artist! I’ve featured her before a little over a year ago, when she dropped her massive debut EP ‘Baby Girl‘…
And now she’s back with her new single ‘Vanity‘, coming off her fresh released second EP ‘Tuxedo‘. Already had the pleasure of a sneaky-peek back in December and all I can say is, it is truly a worthy follow-up of her debut EP!
Since Chess got nominated for Best Solo Artist at the MMA (Malta Music Awards) earlier this week, maybe I should do a Q&A with her… How about it Ms Chess, are you ready to play a game?

Check in with Chess on:
Twitter: @ChessOfficial
Facebook: facebook.com/ChessOfficial
Website: chessmusic.co.uk
iTunes: EP ‘Tuxedo’
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