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I wrote about singer/songwriter Devyn Rose back in March, when she dropped her brand spanking new single ‘Want It All‘ on us (read here), and she kept teasing me with her upcoming EP release on April 30th…

Curious as I always am, I wanted to know more about it. Is it gonna be as emotional as her single was? Why is this EP gonna be very personal to her? What’s gonna make this EP real?

Right before we scheduled our interview, Devyn told me she was gonna send me a special delivery and I couldn’t open it till our interview! So, not only are we gonna get to know what makes her EP ‘Want It All‘ so personal, so real. But we also get to know what’s inside this special delivery box:

The Dutch Guy (TDG): Can I borrow 20 bucks?

Devyn Rose (DR): That’s it? For What?

TDG: What are your roots? What inspired you to writing and singing songs?

DR: I grew up listening to Light FM and KTU, my first intro to hip hop was Bone Thugs N Harmony. They have and always will be my inspiration. I loved their quick melodic flows. I also listened to Whitney Houston a lot, she inspired me to really use my voice. As for writing, I started out writing poems which turned into me writing full songs.


Check in with Devyn Rose on:
Twitter: @IamDevynRose
Soundcloud: Single “Want It All” on (Free Download!)
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