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It’s been said that “Music is what feelings sound like”, and music transcends all borders. I couldn’t agree more, that’s the great thing about music. It has a message, and it speaks to people.
IFEEL is an animal activist who stands up for abused animals with music as his tool. He writes songs to give animals a voice and to share their stories with the world. What is unique about IFEEL’s music is the fact that most of his songs are written from the animal perspective. IFEEL’s album ANIMAL IN ME features their stories of triumph, freedom, loss, happiness, anger, love and pain. It brings a very different perspective on lives of animals… and evokes a whole range of different emotional reactions. IFEEL’s album ANIMAL IN ME is available as a free download on his website.
Music video Why I Do It pretty much sums up why IFEEL makes music: “I do it cause it’s so damn easy to kill / breed it, feed it, cut it, ship it, serve a happy meal / I do it cause they steal em, beat em, breed em and bleed em / treat em like trash, throw em away when they don’t need em.”
“CALL 911 is a story of three kidnapped and abused animals (Mullard, Macaque and APBT) who share their stories: their confusion, disappointment and anger. It speaks against foie gras, vivisection and dog fighting. This video also symbolically shows that their stories are similar to our (human) stories, as we are also controlled and manipulated by forces that feed on our inability to see their evil influence.”

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