You know me, I’m always on the hunt for brand spanking new music each and every day. Singer/songwriter Chess is one of those artists I’ve recently discovered and have high hopes for in 2013!

Chess dropped her three-track debut EP ‘Baby Girl‘ in November, which in my personal and humble opinion is the perfect opportunity to hear the diversity of her soulful voice!

Matter of fact, I think the three-track EP is coming up short. Short on tracks that is! Because after hearing ‘TTT (Things Take Time)‘, ‘Storm‘ and ‘Breathe‘, it just got me longing for more!

Did I spark your curiosity? Good! ‘Cause here’s your chance to get your hands on Chess’s debut EP ‘Baby Girl‘ for FREE!

She told me she was feeling generous this festive season, made her EP as a free, high quality download on her Bandcamp page and has decided to leave the EP up for grabs a little while longer.

Or you can order the personally signed Limited Edition CD, I wouldn’t mind getting myself. ‘Nuff said!

So, grab your copy while you can and let me know what you think of the debut EP of Chess. Holla at me on Twitter: @DutchGuyOnAir

Check in with Chess on:
Twitter: @ChessOfficial
Facebook: facebook.com/chessofficial
Website: chessmusic.co.uk
Bandcamp: Chess’s EP ‘Baby Girl’ on Bandcamp
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