We’ve decided to start a new raffle giveaway for musicians to receive FREE promo within our MuzicNotez Magazine. We will be giving 4 spots away in each months issue and this first spot will be for a free audio promo of your choice if you win.

How do I enter?

It’s simple… we’re going to release the post on our Facebook pages saying to enter the raffle, and all you have to do is “Like” the post to be entered to win the promotion. We will add all the names to a list and randomly choose a winner.
Disclaimer: If you win… we will contact you through FB right away and you will have a week to reply and claim your promo. If you are already a MuzicNotez member, just pick a song to be promoted within our magazine, if not… just take a few minutes to create a profile, upload your song of choice and let us know your pick. Obviously you have to be a musician to win a song promo… however if your a fan and know a musician whom would like to be promoted, you may enter to win and forward the promo to them.


MuzicNotez Crew

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