Keep up to date with the Independent music scene through MuzicNotez Magazine! This is our portal to further promote our members as well as showcase all of our ever changing news and updates. View our many Interviews, Headlines, Battles News, new music, videos, spotlighted members, and much more Notezworthy information!
How exactly do we promote our members in the Magazine?

  • Newly released songs
  • Videos
  • We do features on members for:
    • Winning contests (The Battles and “Make your Note”)
    • Reaching high rankings
    • Artist/Band achievements and any new releases such as:
      • New mixtapes/albums
      • Tours
      • Awards
      • New Members or Groups
      • Any other updates
    • New collaborations made through MuzicNotez
  • Featured Fans
  • Most active MuzicNotez Members
  • We promote our newsletter in our Magazine
  • We also sell featured space/ad space to members for just a couple bucks! Contact us if you’re interested

How do I get in the Magazine?
We pay close attention to what goes on around MuzicNotez, and reward our members for being active on the site, collaborating with other MNotez members, winning contests, promoting through us and rising through our rankings. Fill out the form below if you would like to be considered to be in our magazine! Or if you would like to speed up the process we also sell spots for just a few dollars.

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