I’ve seen “The Wailers” several times, and they have never disappointed me! For those of you who don’t know who “The Wailers” are, they are the band of reggae legend “Bob Marley”. The first time I saw them, was probably my favorite. Maybe it’s because of the whole night’s experience. As I wrote before I first came to see Roger Waters at Summerfest. However at the end of that concert the closest stage to where I was in the Marcus Amphitheater was where “The Wailers” were playing. So immediately after the concert we all ran down the stairs and to the concert.
It was amazing! Every table there had people on top dancing, and everybody was singing along and partying! Every song was equally amazing, and everybody there seemed to be friends. It was more than a concert it was an experience!
Before this concert I honestly wasn’t the biggest reggae fan, however after that day my life has changed forever! Every year sense then “The Wailers” have come back to one of Summerfest’s free stages, and my friends and I have gone to see them. Every year I went they continued to amaze me! Bob Marley definitely lives on through his band today and if you’re a Marley fan and haven’t seen The Wailers… YOU’RE MISSEN OUT! I recommend it to anybody!

MuzicNotez Crew

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