Mean Marc Ash latest release is the rock single ‘Some Kind Of Wonderful’. He’s been a professional wrestler for 30 years, now he’s an actor and musician. He’s been releasing a lot of covers for the most part, of classics. You can tell he has some great taste in music by the tracks he chooses to cover. From ‘Sitting On The Dock Of The Bay’ by Ottis Redding to ‘Drive My Car’ by the Beatles. That’s a pretty good range.

Now, one of his latest releases is ‘Some Kind Of Wonderful’. Originally, this song was written by John Ellison and performed by ‘Soul Brothers Six’ in 1967. Then, most notably it was covered and made famous by Grand Funk Railroad in the 70’s. As always, Mean Marc Ash puts his own unique rock spin on the track. The sound is raw and real, almost like you’re hearing it live. You can enjoy it below via Spotify, and check out his other covers while you’re at it.

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