Streetdude Flench & J-Dawg EP Cover Headlinez
Streetdude Flench
Instagram: @streetdudeflench
Instagram: @jdawgnoceilings

Streetdude Flench and J-Dawg are out of Houston Texas. These rap artists teamed up to create the new EP ‘O.S.B. (Organize Street Brothers)’. They collaborate on this album along with other No Ceilings members. As they describe, it’s like iron sharpening iron to work together on this. They also worked with producers Dj Bagdaddy and Ace-Tre on the EP.

This new EP ‘O.S.B.’ or ‘Organize Street Brothers’ has 8 original tracks, which I just listened to completely. The entire EP hits hard from beginning to end. With a raw, dirty and gritty sound. The rhymes have a heavy punch, but also a smooth flow at the same time. Everything is produced well, all around this was a very successful collaboration, and I’m sure will continue to more in the future. Listen below via Spotify, be sure to add to your favorite rap playlists.

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