Bandit Kid Leave The Pain Behind Headlinez
Bandit Kid
Instagram: @Moneytrainbandit_kid

MTR aka MoneyTrain Recording and SFE latest collaboration includes Bandit Kid, BoAbstractKing, Donna-Renae, DirtReid and Bandit Slim. The new Bandit Kid new rap single is called ‘Leave The Pain Behind’, which is catching fire already. Sometimes, a collaboration can become a power struggle and doesn’t work out so well. But in this case, the result is brilliant. Everybody fits in perfectly, every line and bar came out like it was meant to be.

Not only is the Bandit Kid new rap single ‘Leave The Pain Behind’ out on Spotify, but they released a music video for this too. Ya can catch out both below. The content of this track is extremely relatable for anybody and has a great message. This song is real and authentic from the first beat to the last. The production is great too, letting the collab of lyricists shine, while the beat just perfectly backs them and matches the vibe. Check it out below, and be sure to add to your favorite playlists, like we did!

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