Website: www.ZeroedHero.com
Instagram: zeroedhero
Twitter: zeroedhero

The Wisconsin neo-classic rock band Zeroed Hero’s latest hit is the single ‘Second Guessing’. Ever since winning ‘Breakthrough Artist of the Year’ in 2020 from the Madison Area Music Association, this band has been continually rocking every crowd they play for. The band may be newer, but the lineup has a lot of experience. Chris Franczek is on bass and vocals, Katrina Harms on the keys and vocals, Dean Kesler vocals, Tony Kille banging the drums and Stefan Truesdell on guitar plus vocals. Their sound is no nonsence rock n’ roll, inspired from the 70’s power rock and 90’s grunge, creating a legit sound all their own.

This new single ‘Second Guessing’ has been well received already. The track kicks off with a little jam, letting you know what this band is all about. Then the hard hitting guitar riff kicks in, drums start banging, bass line pumping, keys stroking and the powerful lyrics hit. The song has everything you want from a rock band. Above all, it’s real, no auto tuning, a real rock band perfectly complimenting eachother note after note. Being from Wisconsin, it makes us especially proud to see a legit rock band here at home. Enjoy the single below and be sure to add it to your Spotify playlists.

MuzicNotez Crew