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Website: www.HustleWorkGrind.com
Instagram: @thereal_arroz

Rice follows up his previous successful track ‘No Brady’ with his new hip hop single ‘Juice’. Jerard Rice, aka by his artist name ‘Rice’ is a singer, songwriter, producer and entrepreneur. He’s built up a big following, regularly receiving over 100k listens on Spotify for each release he drops. It’s no wonder he’s continally nominated for various awards and accolades. Rice and M-EZY also have a label and brand entitled ‘Work Hustle Grind Entertainment’.

The rap artist, Rice, latest successful single is entitled ‘Juice’. This track has once again been very well received. Juice is actually inspired by the life of hip hop legend, Tupac Shaku and the movie holding the same title. If you’re gonna create a song in tribute to such an icon, you need to really do it justice, and he certainly does. Listen to the song via Spotify below and be sure to add it to your playlists like we did.

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