Les and Loretta Fradkin of California Artist Interviews

MuzicNotez: Pleasure doing this interview with you again!

What have you been up to since we last talked?

  • Les Fradkin: California, my band, has a bona Fide hit single with my composition “Perfect World”. And we have traveled to Europe to film our new video footage for our upcoming releases.

MuzicNotez: We have talked to you a lot relating to your solo career, but you’ve been working with your band, California, a lot lately. Who’s all in this band?

  • Les Fradkin: The band members are myself- Les Fradkin (Vocals, 12 & 6 String Guitars, Bass, Piano, Mellotron, Bouzouki, Percussion, Songwriting, Co-Producer ) and my Wife, Loretta Pieper Fradkin (Vocals, Songwriting, Co-Producer).

MuzicNotez: When did California begin? How would you describe the group?

  • Les Fradkin: California began as a Pop Rock band in 1973 when I signed with Laurie Records in New York City as an Artist and Record Producer . Original members were myself, as well as George Cameron, Michael Brown and Steve Martin Caro (formerly of the Left Banke) and Beverly Warren (formerly of The raindrops and The Brentwoods). It’s still a Pop Rock band.

MuzicNotez: Your release ‘Perfect World’ by California has over 250k streams, how does it feel to have such a good reception to the single?

  • Les Fradkin: Wonderful! We are hoping to spread positive and Good Vibes with this song.

MuzicNotez: You have another new single coming up for the Christmas season called ‘Christmas Vacation’, have you released Christmas tracks before? How would you describe this one?

  • Les Fradkin: I have released solo Christmas tracks before. This one is a new California version of a song Loretta and I wrote back in 2006. It’s got a real Caribbean feel and we have high hopes for it.

MuzicNotez: What else are you working on? What can we expect to see and hear from you in the future?

  • Les Fradkin: We are traveling on location for new video footage for our Christmas single as well as our new “Everything Is Gonna Be Alright “ single. Fans and new listeners can hear and enjoy both on our page at ReverbNation.

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