The Star Prairie Project stems from Nolan R. Chew Jr, who collaborated with a wide range of musicians and producers to bring his songs to life.The project has a strong focus on creating music that explores a broad range of influences, culminating into a very diverse take on progressive music. The Star Prairie Project dives deeper into the “golden age” of prog, but the music is not just nostalgic: there is an inspiring sense of depth and innovation, making for a truly one-of-a-kind vibe.

The group’s recent release, “Fight Or Flight”, is a comprehensive album that breaks new ground with many deep dives into classic rock vibes, space rock, psychedelic overtones and intriguing arrangements that are musically excellent, showcasing the mastery of the band.

Find out more about The Star Prairie Project and listen to “Fight Or Flight”, which is song going to be available on some of the best digital streaming platforms.

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