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The Jazz Catz latest single is entitled ‘Rat Race’, which is already receiving rave reviews (including from us!). This musical duo includes Boris Guderjahn out of Germany and Ryan Sackanary out of Cape Town, South Africa. They began in 2017 and have released 3 successful albums to date. Receiving award nominations all along the way. They produce, record and perform all of their own original music. Over the years, their sound has evolved from contemporary to experimental and beyond. Now, the new single brings their latest evolution of sound.

The new single ‘Rat Race’ is perhaps their best release yet and has been very well received already. This track is hard to label, as it’s completely original. But it has a sort of jazz fusion sound, with new age flares. It picks up in to a high energy sound with lots of layers. Amazing how the two of them create this orchestra of sensational sound. Listen below via Spotify and grab via all the major digital streaming outlets.

MuzicNotez Crew