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Dominique Lloyd, aka DOMMO released the new single ‘Silver Lining’. He was born in Ohio, but lived in Texas a lot of his life too. He’s a member of the artist group ‘GOLD STANDARD LTD’ and Walking Tall Records Label. Dominique’s musical career began with him writing poetry, building a strong lyrical foundation to his songs. His lyrics have a lot of emotional depth, which translate well into the songs and make them relatable to a wide audience.

The new song by DOMMO, ‘Silver Lining’, also features his singing group Gold Standard LTD. The song has an R&B vibe to it that their group is known for. This emotional song relates to the ups and downs of a love affair, that we all have felt before. The song features beautiful vocal harmonies between the artists, projecting the sensual content of the song perfectly. There’s no doubt that this has quickly become a big hit for them. Listen below via Spotify and stay tuned for more to come.

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