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Lÿnx is back with a new single, and music video for their retro rock song ‘Crazy Crazy World’. We last talked about Lÿnx when they released their debut EP. Now, the Canadian, 80’s inspired, rock band has a new rockin’ music video for us to enjoy, and we love it!

The new original single is a high energy rock n’ roll jam out. The rhythm is very fast passed, it grabs you and pulls you in right away. In the chorus, the lead singer Lazer is spitting out ‘Crazy Crazy World’ so fast it’s almost reminiscent of the legendary 80’s rock band Jackyl screaming out ‘Dirty Little Mind’. The music video for this track is simply perfect for the vibe of the track, we get to see this band rocking out. Gives you a feel for how their live shows would be. Plus, can you imagine being in the crowd jamming out to this one? For a band that was born in 2020 during this crazy pandemic, I think it’s real appropriate for them to release this new single ‘Crazy Crazy World’.

So get your rock fists up, and press play below, enjoy!

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