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The multi faceted, singer-songwriter out of San Fransisco, Chris Donohoe, has released his new EP ‘Let The Light In, Vol. 2’. This is the follow up to ‘Let the Light In, Vol. 1’, of course. Over the last 14 years, Donohoe has had a stellar career, which has evolved over various genres, from pop, Americana, to country rock and more. As a great songwriter, Chris Donohoe is also a great story teller, which he does so well with every song. Sharing his insightful wisdom from the years through his music, in a way we can all relate to. This helps him really create a connection to the listener through his music.

The new EP is volume 2 of the ‘Let The Light In’ collection, which was dropped last month (June, 2021). This release has 5 new original tracks for us to enjoy, including the popular first track ‘Cut Too Deep’ and the title track ‘Let The Light In’. ‘Cut Too Deep’ is an introspective song about the state of America right now. About how it seems we may be cut too deep and too far gone to heal with the divide in our country right now. This is a feeling a lot of us probably have felt recently, but one of the best ways to overcome such a divide, is to communicate with each other. A great way to spark that conversation, is through music like this. This track has received the most plays for Chris on Spotify, so it’s making an impact.

The music for this EP was recorded at Blackbird Studio “E” in January, 2020. Chris wrote the framework of the music through piano, then had some help from co-writers Tim Lauer and Tony Lucido to add in more depth. The end result is very rich and easy to listen to. The music is brilliantly written, with a lot of meaning behind the lyrics and the notes matching up with the vibes perfectly. Listen below, and be sure to add to your Spotify playlists.

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