Madison Malone has released her new EP, I & II, in February 2020. With 9 songs, each song within the EP opens you up and makes you feel something deep down within your soul. Madison is a very relatable alternative artist with exceptional writing abilities that you can definitely hear throughout.

By writing about her own personal experiences, she does an incredible job of appealing to her audience and making it feel as though she’s telling a story. From a small-town girl from Wisconsin to big city living in Los Angeles, CA, it seems as though this EP is just a piece of her success. Madison has worked quietly with writing songs with various artists at Sony music, and even worked with various artists such as U2 and OneRepublic on her new EP. Madison Malone is a name that you will remember once you dive into the alternative world of her new EP I & II.

This review is written by MuzicNotez writer Anjelica Caldwell. Follow her on Instagram @anjelicarae & Twitter @anjelicarae2

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