BBCAPONE, Although, has several work skills and worked in different industries, his love of Music, Rapping and Performing has always been his focus.

BBCAPONE has performed at some of the largest fan based clubs in Milwaukee such as: Lavish and Music played at Lucid. With his original unlike any other sound the rap game has to offer. BBACAPONE has been turning heads in his home town of Milwaukee and other cities like: Phoenix, Indiana and Chicago.

“BBCAPONE” connected with a bigtime producer name Phil Duckett. Phil is a producer who Recorded, Mixed and Mastered Two of “Nelly” Albums: (Sweat & Sweat Suit) BBCAPONE recorded One song in Duckett’s studio (The Incident Music Lab) called “Brain Dead” Produced by (Phil Duckett) Phil introduced BBCAPONE to a Producer/Artist/Beat Maker name

Twitter: @OfficalBBCapone
Instagram: @official_bb_capone

“SHODDE J” BBCAPONE did the rest of his songs off his “Brain Dead” Mixtape at “SHODDE J” (TSB STUDIO) While being in South Carolina, BBCAPONE watched how the producers recorded/mix and mastered his songs and he learned how to work the programs and how to perfect his sound. BBCAPONE signed a Management Contract with his Mother/Manager T Lady. All the knowledge he gained from the producers he worked with enabled him to go back to his Manager’s and Producer (Alfa Dogg Beatz) studio, which was in their home and record 30songs. He took 10 of those 30 songs and put together another Mixtape called “RNS 2” (Real Nigga Story-2) Later “BBCAPONE” moved back to Milwaukee. While he was promoting his music, he was interviewed by “BOSS LADY” from 89.9 WORT FM radio in Madison, WI. “BOSS LADY” gave him air play for some of his songs. He was also, interviewed by SMS TV and did a few calebs with SMS artists on songs titled “STRONG” and “UNDERDOG”

BBCAPONE did a caleb with “HOTBOY TURK” from the rap group “THE HOT BOYS” the song is titled “FALSE HOPES” which is on BBCAPONES 5th mix tape titled 11:11 that was released on 11/11/19 it is his newest release and he is very excited about this project.

Another caleb for “BBCAPONE” is with “SHODDE J” the song is titled “Surf” “BBCAPONE x “SHODDE J” in return “BBCAPONE” feature on one of “SHODDE J” songs titled “DON’T CARE”

“BBCAPONE” has been rapping since the age of 7. His first song titled “D.A.M.O.N.E” which was his middle name was writing by his cousin name “SHANE” He wrote it for him back in 2003. “BBCAPONE was 11 yrs. old. He started writing his own raps and making his owns beats years later. He started self-engineering and dropping Mixtapes. “BBCAPONE” formed his first rap group called “BALLIN HARD ENT” with artist “WAX” “FACE” and “BLACK”

As years went on, “BBCAPONE” start getting more knowledge and more experience with writing, making beats and recording his own music in return has enabled him to drop Mixtapes.


The latest mixtape titled 11:11 has sentimental value. The title was in honor of his cousin Shane who was murdered. Shane’s birthday was 11/11/88 he was murdered 2 days before his birthday in 2005 he was only 15 yrs. old. The tragedy pushed him to be the artist he is today. As a young man “BBCAPONE” wasn’t prepared for the evil of the streets of Milwaukee, WI. Some of the situations that he had endured, caused him to have a dis-rumbled mindset. On the flip-side, it helped his creativity with his music come to life such as: “MEDICINE” and “BRAINDEAD” which can be streamed on all music platforms like: DATPIFF and YOUTUBE.

Check out this up and coming artist “BBCAPONE”

His music can be streamed on ITUNES, SPOTIFY, YOUTUBE, DATPIFF, and more.
His latest song “FALSE HOPES x “HOTBOY TURK” video will be coming soon!

This review is written by MuzicNotez writer Tanya Browning

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