Hailing from the small town Pawnee City in Nebraska, Savannah Nider grew up passionate about music. At only 15 she began working along side some of the greats that works with Grammy award winning artists. She lost her grandmother shortly after beginning her career in music, but made a promise to herself to make it in music, and she’s doing just that now! Today, she’s living in Nashville with her husband and has been working with the best to produce her new music.

Savannah’s latest release is the single ‘We Are Us’ which you can check out below. This uplifting track is exactly what we all need right now. “Yeah we live, yeah we love, we won’t give up!” is a good montra to have right now. The lyrics video is a perfect way to showcase the inspirational lyrics and Savannah’s pipes, which were meant for country music, bring a sense of calming strength.

This review is written by MuzicNotez writer Tanya Browning

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