The latest single from Marisa Nikole, ‘Warrior’, is a slow simmering kettle of rhythm, building momentum, until culminating into a convincingly empowering anthem of resilience and apathy. ‘Warrior’ has a sultry swagger that initially coddles the listener in a piano driven blanket of warmth that heats steadily into a sweltering whirlwind of guitar scorn and mesmerizing vocal contempt. When Marisa croons, “…and if it’s a war that you are trying to start with me, I’ll take you down in my sea, sea of apathy”, the intimately cool delivery is as honest as it is relatable. Marisa is in a place most will connect with, but the only difference is Marisa handles it in “grown-woman” fashion. The native-born Ohio vocalist has a commanding voice with an equally powerful story to tell. With narratives and songwriting like this, Marisa Nikole will surely be a household name in the years to come.
Check out ‘Warrior’ on soundcloud below, or several other beautifully penned gems from Marisa on her page.

This review was written by DB Dale. Follow him on Twitter @TommyTutone5 or his blog at elliottchoices.wordpress.com.
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