Juliyaa was named as ‘One To Watch For In 2013′ in UK’s Pride Magazine and I totally understand why! A soulful voice, layered down on typical UK danceable music!
She dropped her debut EP ‘Stars & Dragons‘ last November, on which she has coined her fresh sound as ‘Rhythmic Soul’.
Her single ‘Tidal Wave‘ is in my eyes the perfect example of her soulfulness with that typical UK dance sound. It’s a laid back R&B track at first. But what makes it so fresh, is when the Drum & Bass kicks in!
Check Juliyaa yourself by grabbing her EP for FREE through her Bandcamp page and let me know whatcha think, will ya?
All in all, Juliyaa is definitely one to watch for! And no, I’m not being lazy by quoting Pride Magazine. They just were a lil’ faster than me!

Check in with Juliyaa on:
Twitter: @JuliyaaMusic
Facebook: facebook.com/JuliyaaMusic
Website: juliyaa.com
Bandcamp: EP ‘Stars & Dragons’ (FREE DOWNLOAD!)

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