A busker re-discovered after 15 years, Kenni Wenna brings us his wonderful track from his album of the same title ‘Real Lite’.
Spotted by an independent Manchester record label who were quick to offer him the chance to record a demo, the label unfortunately hit financial problems and Kenni was thrust back into his normal life. Some 15 years later the previous label owners found Kenni’s demo in their garage and decided to get in touch. Kenni was only returning to his house on the odd occasion due to hard times but through what some may call fate found the letter. Fast forward to now and Kenni has secured a record deal worth £250k, which is being released through inspired label, The Wenna Project.
‘Real Lite’ is a beautiful, delicate song which showcases Kenni’s soft, soulful vocals against a magnificent medley of instruments such as violin, cello, and saxophone. This musical craftsmanship gives us a taste of classical to the main reggae flavor featured in the track and the emotive lyrics make it a truly chilled and laid-back listen. Available now.

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