Watch the hypnotic new video for the track ‘Under The Net’ above (PHOTOSENSITIVE EPILEPSY WARNING) & at www.pandovisia.com

I came across this band the other day, it didn’t blow me away as outstanding but the more I listened the more I could appreciate the hard work and technical elements that had going into producing ‘The Last Man On The Net’ by Pandovisia. The album which has been created entirely over the internet by the band using cloud services and asynchronous communication. The band have chosen to be completely anonymous and due to the creation of the music they do not tour or make any appearances. Their music is almost an illusion created by the social media and that it’s almost impossible for you to pin point its roots back to anything other than a computer hard drive.

The songs gimmick the likes of social media websites like Facebook and Twitter, they are part of our everyday life and yet embedded within is a darker message that we have become so accustomed to openly having all our lives and personal business on the internet that we now have no control over it either. We are as another song describes ‘In a Trap, Under the Net’.

There is no doubting that this is an impressive music creation by Pandovisia.

Written by Poppy Ballard of Quite Great!

MuzicNotez Crew

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