Once again, we’re pushing new music by the Scott Brothers! This time, it’s a little different though. The new single is called ‘Extremist’ and they teamed up with Jadakiss to create this hard hitting track. Naturally, Jadakiss was somebody the Scott Brothers grew up admiring, so to do a track with him now is a big moment in their music career. They stepped up to the momentous occasion though and teamed up to knock it out of the park on this one!

The famous New York MC Jadakiss kicked it off strong on the first verse. Then Huddy took the mic on the second verse and Meal Gatez brought it home on the final. It all came together perfectly, this might be one of our favorite tracks of theirs yet, and we’ve reviewed countless up to now. The song hits a little harder than previous tracks, but still stays true to their old school hip hop vibe. Check it out below via Spotify and be sure to share it around.

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