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The new album by Peter The Last and friends is ‘Songs of Love and War (Volume One)’. We have worked with Peter The Last many times before, he’s a brilliant songwriter and lyricist that has a long and interesting musical career. He was born in Kent, near London in 1952 from an English father and Italian mother.

From there, he had the opportunity to grow up in one of the most interesting and miraculous times for any musician, the 60’s. Not only was he coming to age in this time, but was in the epicenter in London while some of classic rocks’ pioneers were coming through local clubs Peter was at. He had the opportunity to see legendary acts like Led Zeppelin, Fleetwood Mac, Canned Heat and more. No doubt, this shaped his musical mind for the rest of his life. Beyond this interesting start to his life, he’s lived all over the world, traveled the hippy trail to India, and camped out in the Australian desert. This created an endless source of inspiration for his songwriting.

Now, his latest release is the album ‘Songs of Love and War (Volume One)’. This album features 12 original tracks. All of these songs are written and performed by Peter The Last and friends. The album is a real journey from start to finish. You can’t class this genre bending album under any one genre, but it features elements ranging from Blues to Rock and more. Each song is unique and beautifully marries musical depth with lyrical brilliance. Peters poetry is backed by mystical electric and acoustic melodies. You can listen to the album below via Spotify, it’s also on Soundcloud and other major streaming sites. Please give it a listen all the way through and share with your friends. Oh, and stay tuned for volume two!

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