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With his monthly singles releases, Sarantos doesn’t miss his cue with his September offering, Easy (On The Eyes). A romantic, yet introspective look at beauty in the eye of the beholder, a witty and illustrative view of what great looks can get you. Sarantos reflects in his official press release for Easy (On The Eyes); “Did you ever know anyone who was so amazingly beautiful that they could get away with anything? I have. This song is about her.” Capturing this essence, and utilizing his unique lyrical approach, Sarantos delivers a colorful narrative of this theme; “It’s cause you can, Girls that look like you, Do what they wanna do, Play with any man.” Accompanied by a vivid and striking video, Sarantos is able to bring a visual representation to this approach with dazzling graphics, and poignant examples of how easy it is to be seductive when you are Easy (On The Eyes). Of course, in the typical Sarantos approach to lyricism, he tends to come at these themes from multiple angles, in this case, the troubled and jealous partner is often reflecting on how these eyes affect them, “In the night I’m the sad boyfriend, But in the day hope this’ll never end.”

Musically Easy (On The Eyes) is a catchy, pop-inspired melody that does not conform to the cliches of modern pop melodies, instead, Sarantos channels his inner troubadour and plays with articulations and dynamics in such a way that the listener is caught slightly off guard on each resolution of his cadence. This effective songwriting approach is evident in his pre-chorus vocalizations of the highlighted syllables giving this track a sing-along quality that makes Easy (On The Eyes) pop-friendly. Ever the philanthropist, Sarantos is donating a portion of the earnings of this track to SEE, a group of medical volunteers who provide high-quality eye care to those in need. This charitable act is among many others Sarantos has ascribed to over the course of his career, and this ultimate act of selflessness makes Easy (On The Eyes) all that more enjoyable of a track.

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