Twitter: @CoryMCoons1
Instagram: @corymcoonsmusic
Website: www.CoryMCoons.com

If you haven’t listened to Cory M. Coons’ music yet, you sure have been missing out! All the way from Canada, this smooth-voiced singer-songwriter has blessed the ears of listeners all over the world with his roots-rock tunes. Just wait until you hear his latest release “Long Hard Rain”, which is about that pesky heartbreak we’ve all felt at some point. It’s one of the worst feelings in the world, and Cory somehow perfectly described that in his latest release.

Success isn’t foreign to this guy. He has countless nominations from so many different music awards because his music is just that good. He’s a singer-songwriter held in high regard, and it’s completely deserved. Not only does he have a great voice, but he knows how to write lyrics that’ll have you feeling all sorts of emotions. I’m not one to get all emotional, but “Long Hard Rain” had my heart aching. Just prepare for that when you hear this song, and don’t miss out on his releases to come!

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