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The more I get to know the Neid’s Hotel Band, the more they live up to my expectations of what a contemporary modern rock band should truly sound like. With their latest offering, We’re Just Fine, John Vento leads his troupe into another of those down-home, sing-along rock n’ roll numbers that entertain and inspire. Interlaced with themes of self-fulfillment, empowerment, and triumph over adversity, the Neid’s Hotel Band presents this in a package that is upbeat, filled with vocal harmonies, and just plain easy to listen to. We’re Just Fine features incredible guitar passages which tie together each stanza, the bass fills the bottom end with an underlying funk that really catches the groove. The in-the-pocket funk the bass catches with the drums makes this slightly syncopated rhythm a touch more than the simple melodies the genre is famous for. By incorporating all these elements, the Neids; Hotel band led by John Vento demonstrates the maturity and professionalism it takes to write a song that appeals to a vast audience while marinating their connection with the classic southern rock roots they are paying homage to.

More than a garage band, We’re Just Fine demonstrates a competent and professional production with all the frequencies well separated and able to travel across the listening field with ease. The upper overtones of the guitar solos and vocal harmonies and pleasant and offer a blanket feeling over the entire mix holding it together comfortably while giving the track its dynamic. We’re Just Fine would be a perfect addition to any rock or classic rock commercial radio format. The clever hooks and infectious choruses give this a sing-along feel that is easy to dance to. As I continue to immerse myself in John Vento’s work, I am truly in awe of how he takes his troubadour-style lyrics and incorporates them into a full band environment. I truly believe this is a band that we have to see live, the energy and dedication to performance are quite evident from this recording.

MuzicNotez Crew