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How artists are able to portray their theme is often a testament to the work and dedication they place in their craft. In the case of Ludlow Creek, their latest offering ‘Hands Of Time’, offers a glimpse into that dedication, as this group of highly stylized players develops their theme of time and the inherent consequences of it. Incorporating a classic eighties feel to this track, Ludlow Creek presents us with a progressive rock feel track which gives many opportunities to explore their thematic narrative. This is a classic archetype of unrequited love and the ramifications of not doing anything about it, the regret as one watches opportunities pass them away, like the sands of time, or in this case watching the Hands Of Time. Throughout the track, Ludlow Creek incorporates this theme but I guess the most obvious is the clock samples which present themselves as the narrative carries on. As Hands Of Time plays out, other significant aspects become very clear. The very clever guitar melody incorporated into the transitions of stanzas is elegant and very well-executed. This very tasteful approach to melody shows great maturity on the player in question. The other key element of this track is the vocal harmonies. This is a very accomplished group of players who have over 200 live shows to their credit, so my expectations for this use of harmony should be very high. I feel, however, that these expectations were not met as the lead vocals seemed flat compared to the harmonies. If the harmonies were used more frequently or made more subtly, this really could have added more color to the vocals.

Overall, ‘Hands Of Time’ is a very enjoyable track. As Ludlow Creek continues to develop their catalog the main wish is they develop their production skills more, or incorporate more of an effective mastering to make this a professional release. The vocals need a little more range to fully fill the listening space, while the bottom end tends to get lost in the mix, which is a shame due to the very effective funk that is being performed. Hands Of Time would make a great addition to any Country, Middle-of-the-Road, or adult Contemporary commercial radio playlist. The wonderful lyrics offer something for a very vast audience, as the overall theme is something everyone can relate to. The rhythms and melodies are very enjoyable and easy to listen to. I eagerly look forward to hearing more from this group of highly talented players very soon.

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