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Young and up-and-coming pop sensation, Hannyta is showcasing her dexterity and versatility on her latest offering 17. This country gem follows all the tried and tested formulas on how to make a country track great. This is quite impressive for an artist so young and inexperienced, however with 17 (a nod to her age), we get a sing-along, inspiring track which elicits a dance-like response from her audience. Ok, this is great but the song we have before us is 17, the Houson Boombox Remix. Again, I stress the versatility of this artist. From the pop melodies we have become accustomed to following this career for some time now, to the complete transition into the Country fields, and pulling it off so well, now Hannyta is presenting us an EDM remix of the Country track that really does not have any Country sensibilities left in it. We are being presented a dance mix filled with bottom-end beats, revolving synth melodies, and samples that are beautifully executed and presented as a package worthy of DJs playing in this field for decades. I guess the question should be do I like it? Overall, I have to say yes. Although I was not expecting a dance mix of this magnitude carrying the Hannyta name, and later discovering it came from an elegant Country track, I was left a little speechless. However, the more I sit with this tack and listen to it over again, I find it is very well-executed and timely for an artist at this place in her career to demonstrate the power music can have regardless of genre.

Hannyta being an accomplished vocalist and lyric writer gives us a fresh take on a track that checks all the boxes of what makes her great. This dance Houson Boombox Remix is apt to show that this artist still has plenty of room to grow and experimentation has to happen for her to truly find herself. As a 17-year-old performer, we have to assume her influences come from many different avenues, and presenting us with a remix as a nod to those influences isn’t just good, it’s remarkable and brave. The track allows Hannyta’s to cross over from the Pop radio formats, into the Country playlists, and now secures her place on Urban playlists as well, very smart for this artist to achieve maximum exposure. 17 the Houson Boombox Remix is very good as well. With revolving melodies which are easy to dance to and a funk which gets into the blood, this track is a perfect single for Hannyta and her ever-expanding and diversified catalog of hits.

MuzicNotez Crew